Important info for attendees (2013)

When you arrive

For directions to Dirt Fest, click here.

Those attending only, not camping

The Raystown Lake Visitors Center will be your hub for parking, checking in, and picking up the shuttle shuttle to the festival grounds. Do not plan to driving into the festival to park; all festival attendees will need to park at the 7 Points in designated areas.

The Visitors Center is located on 7 Points road. Follow directions to park your vehicle at one of the 7 Points parking lots, then proceed to check in at the Visitors Center. You will be checked off the list, given your festival wristbands, and then you may ride a shuttle or bike into Dirt Fest.

There will be a bicycle rack on the bike shuttle bus if you plan to bring your own bike. Please remember to bring a lock.

Arrive at Susquehannock Campground by turning onto 7 Points road off of Route 26. Follow the signs to Dirt Fest at Susquehannock Campground.

Group camping

Have your confirmation number printed from in order to check in. At the registration tent you will be given a festival wristband, and assigned a camping site.

When you arrive at your site, please keep in mind that you will be sharing a common space with neighbors, some of whom you may be meeting for the first time. Susquehannock is a primitive-style campground, and there are no electrical connections at any of the sites. Please be courteous to all festival campers, and take a minute to get to know your new friends.

Parking is limited within the campground, so please unpack, then relocate your vehicle to a satellite parking lot. It is in your best interest to bring a tent or hammock to sleep in; we cannot guarantee a car-camping space. Please park in paved lots only; cars left on the grass will be asked to move.

Individual camping

Have your confirmation printed from to check in. At the registration tent you will be given a festival wristband, and assigned a camping site.

Individual camping is kind of like the singles table at a wedding. Everyone will be sharing campsites of various shapes and sizes. Get to know your neighbors and have a great time!

After you unload your gear at the campsite please relocate your vehicle to one of our satellite parking lots. This will ensure everyone has ample space to set up camp. When you are putting up tents and hammocks, please keep in mind that you will be sharing the campground with other singles and small groups. There will be room for everyone to be comfortable, and have the opportunity to make new friends. Please limit campfires to fire rings only.


Arrive at 7 Points Marina by turning onto 7 Points road off Route 26. Check in with Pam or one of her staff at the Oar House.

You will be given festival wristbands for the number of people assigned to your boat. These will grant your guests admittance to the festival and all events.

Once you have acquired your boat, sail on over the Susquehannock Peninsula, where Dirt Fest is located. You will be able to moor your boat along the peninsula for the weekend. Please be respectful of other campers when selecting your mooring location. There are campsites along the edge of the peninsula that have been assigned to groups, and they may not wish to have a houseboat in their midst. There is plenty of room along the coastline for all houseboats to moor. If you have any questions, please contact a festival coordinator.

Oh and by the way: Please remember you are responsible for anyone on your boat (invited or not). Dirt Fest is not liable for any damages incurred throughout the weekend; it is the responsibility of the boat captain to return the vessel in its original condition. At the request of the Marina, please do not sit on the hot tub covers.

Things to bring

  • Photo ID: This will grant you a drinking-eligible wristband.
  • Bike Lock: There are many racks and trees. Lock your bike!
  • Water: There is potable water at the campground. Stay hydrated, friends.
  • Helmet: Everyone should wear a helmet.
  • Blinky Lights: If riding around the campground at night these are a good idea

Things not to bring

  • Firearms
  • Fireworks
  • Dogs
  • Bad attitudes

The other stuff

There are some exciting new additions to Dirt Fest this year, as well as a few minor changes to how the event will operate.

A skills area will be set up to host riding events and instructional gatherings. This is located at the Skills Area, labelled on your trail maps.

Please be courteous and observe and proper, sober riding etiquette throughout the weekend. Riders of all levels and abilities will be sharing a common space with the common goal of having a good time. Always wear a helmet.

Emergency responders will be on-hand to address any medical emergencies. They will be located at the entrance to the Expo area, next to the registration tent at the front of the festival.

The nearest hospital is JC Blair Memorial hospital in Huntingdon, PA, an approximately 30 minute drive from inside the festival. Always dial 911 in the case of an emergency.

While at the festival, please observe our recycling and refuse options. Dirt Fest operates in the spirit of zero-impact, and will provide accommodations for all waste disposals. If you have a question, ask a volunteer.

We have an awesome team of partners for this event who provide a comprehensive array of products, services and resources. You are sure to find something of interest at Dirt Fest.

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