Zoic and Sue Haywood to lead women’s events


Mountain bike racer, coach and salsa connoisseur Sue Haywood has signed up to lead the women’s-only rides and skills clinics, presented by Zoic apparel.

“I am stoked to be a leader for the women’s rides and women’s clinics at the biggest mountain bike party of the year… Dirt Fest!┬áDirt Rag knows how to celebrate trails, bikes and friends,” Haywood said. “I am so excited to be a skills instructor and ride leader for the women’s events there.”

Dirt Fest is a family-friendly event that strives to promote diversity on the trails. There will be a number of events for women, kids and beginners. Watch for a complete schedule soon.

“You can always judge how cool a mountain bike event is by the number of women who attend. Dirt Fest does a great job getting hundreds of women to come out to attend the Fest and ride at the Allegrippis Trails,” Haywood said.

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